Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 Days Of Art

Today is Day 1 and today's creation is below this list.

Day 1 - Great is His Faithfulness (see painting, below this list)
Day 2 - This is the Day
Day 3 - Pumpkin on Black
Day 4 - Bunch of Excuses
Day 5 - Peace on Earth
Day 6 - White Country Church
Day 7 - Little Pumpkin on Wood
Day 8 - Short and Wide Pumpkin
Day 9 -  Be Joyful Always
Day 10 - Camellias
Day 11 - Santa
Day 12 - The Meadow
Day 13 - Heaven and Nature Sing
Day 14 - Hydrangeas
Day 15 - Peppermints
Day 16 - Merry and Bright
Day 17 -  the Stag
Day 18 - Sweet Autumn Pumpkin 
Day 19 - Santa Number 2
Day 20 - Field O' Flowers
Day 21 - Tall and Skinny
Day 22 - Blue Belles
Day 23 - Peace on Earth Tree
Day 24 - Not Another Pumpkin
Day 25 - Santa Claus is Coming!
Day 26 - Santa Santa Santa
Day 27 - Camellias
Day 28 - Posies
Day 29 - Haughty Flowers
Day 30 -  Joy
Day 31 -  Tall Meadow

**Afternote: for a complete visual list of these 31 Days of Art pieces go here.**

I am joining The Nester and her "31 Days" party for the month of October. 
Hang with me!

My theme is 31 Days of Art

I hope to create 31 pieces of art in October.

Cross your fingers for me.

I will have a link above to each new day, as the days go along. (Day 1 will not have a link, as this is the page). When November 1st hits, the complete list of all 31 days will be below.  Some of my pieces will be listed for sale on my Etsy site. If you don't see it listed there, simply email me for a price. 

I will be posting my creations on my Facebook page, as well as on Instagram.

I created a 31-Days Pinterest Board of blogs which look interested that I am following this month.  

Day 1 Creation....
Great is His Faithfulness

Have a great day!

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Stacey said...


Julie Jordan Scott said...

Oh my goodness. This takes my breath away. Absolutely beautiful and what a fantastic reminder to have such art to walk past throughout the day!

I'm so thankful to have found you via #31Days. You can find me at #148 at Personal Endeavors Category. I've yet to receive a comment but I am going to write as if I have received dozens!!

Hmmmm. Your post will be with me throughout the day.

Linda Leyble said...

Hi there - I came upon your blog thus morning quite by accident. I am doing the 31 days also. It's tough - you created quite a challenge for yourself too!

Come visit me as we'll!



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