New Pieces in My Shop!

I just placed some art in my online store. I am really bad about keeping product in my stores. I try to get to commissions, first, then I keep art updated in my brick-and-mortar locations (listed here), and THEN I place new things in my online store. I'm not sure how other artists juggle their retail options. Would love to hear from you, if you are an artist and have a "system" that works for you! 

My summer is slowing down a little (fingers crossed) and I am hoping to get new items painted, daily. In the past 3 weeks I've been to New York, Washington DC, Blowing Rock NC, Orlando FL, and Madison GA. All in 3 weeks. All three of my grown kids are now traveling around in Europe and my husband is busy with his work, so I am can devote a little more time to my art. Time flies by, doesn't it?


Helen said…
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