Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Custom House Ornaments

I painted our home on an ornament. It's not perfect, but I love it. It is difficult to be perfect on a circle with a diameter of 3.25 inches. In addition, the trees are no longer green and my husband took down our upper shutters to paint them. That was back, over a week ago, when we were optimists and thought it might stop raining, one day. (With this constant drizzle in Georgia, we are beginning to think painting might not ever be an option.) 

If you would like a custom house painting ornament, I am charging $45 plus $5 shipping. I will paint both front and back, but need photos. This will be a 3.25" porcelain ornament. Leave me a comment, or email theoldpostroad at gmail dot com, if interested.

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Monday, November 9, 2015

Old Homes in My Travels this Month

I traveled a bit for work, this past month. Took a few back-roads and pulled out my handy I-phone to capture some photos.

Gibson, Georgia

Louisville, Georgia

Gallipolis, Ohio

Gallipolis, Ohio

Somewhere along Hwy 2 in West Virginia

Gallipolis, Ohio

Chillicothe, Ohio

Chillicothe, Ohio

Chillicothe, Ohio

I've also been working on Christmas items. These ornaments are 3.5" round balls...

And I will have cotton paintings, as well as Christmas items and other paintings, available at the Cotton Gin Festival in Bostwick, Georgia this weekend (November 14, 2015). 

Hope to see you, there!

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Art and October

Its been a great week. I am thankful that October is here. Now, how do we get it to stick around longer than normal?  The hot, humid summer months last f-o-r-e-v-e-r and fall always flies by. 

I like this kitchen, but automatically wonder if the tile would make my knees hurt. Am I getting old? 

I have the same tile in my bathroom and I've never noticed a problem with my knees. Upon second glance, I then think about how much labrador retriever hair would accumulate under those pretty rods at the base of that table. yikes. My sister told me that the Dollar Tree has non-swiffer-brand wipes in packages of 20 for $1. I also found them 2 for $1 in the dollar item clearance section at Rite Aid. But, I don't have that pretty french table to swiffer under, so I just plan to leave the dog hair where it is, for now. (I use the name "swiffer" as a verb.)

I've gotten a lot of painting done these past couple of weeks. 

Some of these are in my Etsy store and some are in Plain Jane Designs in Athens, Georgia. A few others are at Pure Bliss and at Madison Drug Store -both are located in Madison, Georgia. 

I painted a cotton field I found on Pinterest - and Sciways shared it here

Have a great weekend!

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Autumn Art

We've had the most wonderful weather, this past weekend. A touch of fall. Quite inspiring for my art.
Have a great day!

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Some Recent Paintings

I've created a few new pieces these past few weeks.
A few 6"x6" floral paintings.

And this 10"x10" kumquat bouquet ....

And here is a 10"x10" pumpkin...

These little apples I painted today. It was storming and I felt like I needed to shut down my computer. So I painted apples instead of working!  A friend bought these after I posted them on Instagram....

These pumpkins are also on 6"x6"x7/8" cradled wood panels. ...

And here are a couple more from the past week or so...

And that is my little bit of creating. I've been busy with my other work and have to MAKE time to paint, these days. Maybe it will thunder and lightening again, soon. My dogs are hoping for clear skies - the thunder makes them nervous.

Have a great day!

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Monday, August 10, 2015

My Weekend

I had a productive weekend.

I created these mini 6"x6" paintings, plus the 12"x12" abstract piece....
They are all on cradled wood panels (7/8" thick)

And we spent a hot afternoon at Bobby Dodd stadium in Atlanta for Georgia Tech fan day...

The lines were long, but we met so many polite, friendly, nice football players.

And saw our sweet daughter, of course....

Hope you had a great weekend!

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Friday, August 7, 2015

Dorm Headboard Tutorial

It is THAT time of year, again!

Time to gather those little chickadees and shoo them out of the nest. 

With the internet and Pinterest and Google, dorm room decorating has never looked so good or involved so much time and money. (Moms of boys - you need to keep reading so that you can be thankful you have boys!)

Life was a bit simpler in 1987. It is amazing how things have changed. Everything I needed for my first semester of college was packed into my mom's Volvo. "Everything" included both winter AND summer clothes, along with a mini-fridge, a box fan, my mom, my Aunt, and me. (My Aunt was there to accompany my mom to the mall. My college was in "the big city.") We simply had to "make do" with our dorm room and its condition when we arrived.  And had to "make do" with our new roommates, too. (No pre-arranged internet stalking roommate arrangements, way back then). I'm not even sure my mom walked up the three flights of stairs in my unairconditioned dorm to glance at my room or to verify that the shared hall bathroom was suitable for her princess. Where I went to college (and where my daughters go), the dorm and campus were formerly male-only, for decades, and then someone realized women could be adept at math and science, too, opening the campus to female students. The shared hall bathroom had a large shower room with ten shower heads and five or six plastic curtains dangling from the ceiling in an attempt to pretend to give us privacy. (Not the way a princess likes to take showers.) I guess that is the reason I can still remember that shower room configuration so clearly. 

Way back in 1987, there were no dorm room furniture dimensions on the internet, no Pinterest boards to share with our new roomie and her mom. No cell phone to text photos from TJMaxx or Ikea and beg my mom via texts for new decor. None of that.

Those were the dark ages. 

Anyway, here are two new dorm headboards I made for a friend of ours as her high school graduation gift.

It was a graduation gift that she just received from us this week -it's August, already - oh, well!

I have a dorm room headboard making tutorial that I shared before here and another one here.  Or, you can simply keep reading and I will tell you how to make one.

The board will just sit on the rails, between the mattress and the bed frame, like this....

They are relatively easy to make - just have the nice guy at Lowe's cut the $18 sheet of plywood to the dimension you need. One sheet makes two headboards. I find that most dorm beds need a piece about 36" to 40" wide by 40" tall. My daughter then talks my husband into cutting the headboard in a cute shape. 

Here is my daughter's sketch from last year and her headboards from last year.... 

I used wrapping paper to make the template to cut the board. Just be sure to fold the paper down the middle, once you get the design, so that both sides are identical (mirror image).

A basic rectangle works, too. Here is a before and after of my eldest daughter's room. This is a room she was in for two years....

The gray headboard was the first year. Then, we just covered over the rectangular gray headboards the next year after she and her roommate painted over the pink walls they were tired of seeing every morning. (The gray with salmon-orange was prettier, imo)

I shared in a previous post how to measure for the headboard if you know the dimensions of your future dorm bed. The headboard needs to be WIDER than the rails so that it doesn't slip between the rails..

How to Make a Dorm Room Headboard using Plywood:

1. Go to Home Depot/Lowe's and pick a fairly sturdy piece of plywood that has not been chemically treated (indoor use). (Will actually be large enough for 2 headboards.)
2. Have Lowe's cut the $18 plywood board to dimensions you need (measure rails for width and a height of 36" to 40" works well).
2a. (Optional) - have someone use a jig saw to cut top of headboard in a design.
3. Cover the front of board and edges with mattress foam ($16 or so from Walmart) or quilt batting from fabric store. (One queen sized foam pad was enough to cover 2 twin headboards - just had to fudge a little on one corner)
4. Use staple gun to attach foam to the back of the plywood headboard. 
5. Cover with fabric of your choice and staple to back the same way you stapled the foam. 

Voila! You are done!

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