Hello, World! and Calendars

I blog so rarely, anymore, I may just be typing this for ME to read! I might need to reintroduce myself if I can ever get any readers back-lol! I met so many nice people through blogging, yet I am not a particularly verbose (is that the word?) person, so it isn't always easy for me to put my thoughts into words. I honestly think Instagram led to my blogging slow-down. The more I used IG, the less I blogged. Once I started insta-gramming, it was just easier to share my day and art with a quick pic and a tiny blurb on IG. Times certainly do change, don't they?

I've been painting a lot of Christmas art this past month. I prefer to paint seasonally, as the mood hits me, but that is not possible with the Christmas season. So, I begrudgingly started painting Christmas pieces and ornaments in October this year. As I type this, it is still November and I love autumn, so I have not decorated my house for Christmas, yet. Most years I wait until after December 1st, simply because Fall is my favorite season. It will be Christmas in my house NEXT week, once December starts. 

Here are a few Christmas pieces I listed in my online store

I titled this one My Front Door (8"x10") - although this year's front door has not been decorated, yet. 

Also, I have calendars for 2019 available! I absolutely love how this calendar turned out!

Click here to order one for you or as a gift! 2019 Calendar

I hope you have a great weekend!