Tuesday, October 29, 2013

the Stag

31-Days-of-Art Painting Number 17

I don't paint animals very much. Well, that is not completely true - I used to paint a lot of birds.

Our sweet Maggie is nearing the end of her life and I really need to take the time and capture her on a canvas.

Here is a watercolor I painted of her a couple of months ago......

(I'm amazed at how often that little sketch gets rePinned.)

I couldn't find her in the yard, this morning. She was sleeping in the dog house we built for her over a decade ago. 

She has always refused to use the dog house (She would rather spend her days inside with the other humans.) We spent h-o-u-r-s building that house for her.  A nice shelter from the wind and rain and away from her 2-year-old, sometimes-annoying, chocolate sister.  

She is clearly getting wiser in her old age - now that she has wised up and is actually USING the dog house.

Here are the other 31-Days-of-Art in this series......

Have a great day!

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