Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lab Paws and White Floors

 White painted wooden floors always catch my eye.

White floors, however,  would not be a smart choice for someone with an 8 month old labrador retriever..

Our 8 month old lab puppy, Nellie, weighs 60 pounds. 

Sixty pounds, but still a "puppy."  A large, rambunctious, excited mass of pure muscle.  And slobber.  And dirt.

Her paws easily hold one pound of dirt at all times - each paw, I mean, which equals 4 pounds of dirt.   I may be exaggerating.

I mop my kitchen floor, daily - and I am not a "neat freak."  
I just have no choice.

I wish I could train her to step ONLY on the black tiles, then I could mop less often.

I do not understand how our older lab keeps her own paws so clean.  Paw prints have never been an issue with Maggie.

I love the look of this porch, but it would take Nellie about two seconds to leave her paw marks....

Michelle Lloyd Berman Designs via Canadian House and Home

Wonder how much it would cost to have this rug cleaned once a week?.....

traditional home

Here is a dog without muddy paws...

southern living

Or maybe he was carried to that swing - or perhaps he does not have paws like a lab that can really hold dirt.

I am quite thankful for my heart pine floors.  They camouflage the prints....

Can you tell by her mouth and ears that I am holding a treat in one hand and my iphone/camera in the other?

Okay, enough of my problems that aren't really problems - Here is today's painting....  

Be Joyful Orange Flowers 11"x14"

Wow - I have made it two whole days with my art, now!  28 days to go!

Pat me on the back!

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Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

Lovely painting and good for you to squeeze in a bit of time for your art. I feel your 'paw' pain because we also have a very similar looking chocolate lab. Remi just turned two and I can expect paw prints regularly. What bugs me the most is the amount of dog hair. No matter how often or how well I vacuum I can't keep up. Good thing she is so good and cute.

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

I always wonder how people with white sofas and white chairs and white carpets and white painted floors do it. Even without a chocolate lab with 4 lbs of dirt in her paws, I have teenagers and a husband with pizza fingers and newspapers and ... you get the idea. I need much more tolerant rooms than the beautiful white ones you showed.

SouthMainMuse said...

I love that painting...It's a bit different. You're style is really evolving. Keep painting away. And re labs and paw prints. STUPIDEST design decision I ever made was putting white subway tile on the floor of our bathroom. With three animals with black hair. stupid.

Brandi said...

Hey Trish, I feel your pain. We have three, muddy paws puppies in this house. I don't know what is worse the paw prints or the dog hair! Love your painting! You do such beautiful work!

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