Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dreaming about Where to Put My Art

Just thinking about a clean new home I could decorate. 
Or maybe I could just swap mine around a little. 
And vacuum.
I would like a light fixture like this one...

Love that architectural piece as a coffee table!

My latest painting would fit nicely into that room.

I just painted this one...

Still using my new frames.  I'm considering painting that one. It is too 'rustic,' or maybe 'eclectic,' for me. Thinking I will paint or white wash the sides - too much competing color. I am typing what I am thinking as I go along with no filter.

That art would also look appropriate on this porch....


If any wall space is available.

Or that scripture could add a pop of color to a laundry room like this one....


Or maybe to spice up a kitchen area...

Country Living

I'll bet I could find a spot for that painting in this reading nook.....


Or I'll just keep the painting in my suitcase while I am traveling here....


What? You think I've spent my day on Pinterest? 
Busted.  I'll stop, now.

For my other paintings in this 31-Days-of-Art series, click this button....

Joining Nifty Thrifty Tuesday at Coastal Charm

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