Friday, August 31, 2012

Tulips and Tulip Tables

I am counting this as my Painting Number 19.  Even though you saw it on Day 8.

But, on Day 8 - when I first painted it - it looked like this.....

And technically, it is the same painting.  But, I spent a couple of hours, yesterday, 'tweaking' the Day 8 painting.   If you are concerned that I am breaking the rules, can I plead my case?  My goal when I started my 30 Days of Painting was to paint or draw every day.  Which, by my self-determined rules, includes the two hours I spent "tweaking."   Back to the "tweaking."  Something just wasn't right.  The painting sat in my hall for a couple of weeks.  I didn't like looking at it.  I hated looking at it.  When I pick up a painting and hide it - out of sight - like, say, lay it under my art desk - then I know I need to either (1) tweak it or (2) cover it in gesso and start over.

Can you tell the difference in the original painting and the revised painting?  (sort of like one of those games you played in Highlights magazine.)

Original Painting                       vs.                   Tweaked Painting

Here are the differences:
1) made the background more gray and less blue - but the iphone doesn't really depict that.
2) changed the tulips to pale pink/white - the pink was annoying me.
3) added an emblem on the glass jar.
4) changed the table to a tablecloth.
5) changed the green on the leaves and stems, just a little.

Speaking of tulips on tables.  I would really enjoy having a tulip table in my house.  In fact, I would also appreciate some actual tulips on a tulip table in my house!  

decor pad

Oops, someone placed hydrangeas on this tulip table.....

matters of style

canadian house and home via Apartment therapy

gramercy and co

Who can even see the table with a view like THAT!?!!

matters of style

I would never have thought to mix that diagonal stripe fabric with that floral fabric, or the salmon sofa with the pink flowers.   Hmmm.. ... Maybe that is why I had to tweak my painting.

Enjoy your Friday!

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Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

Your tulips are very pretty!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Oh used to love "HIGHLIGHTS"...I'll play along, since I already confessed about the header the other day, you know I'm slow! ;)

Table cloth (of course)
embossed vase...looks more like a jar now
more muted pink flowers
more of a shadowy back ground, darker, more blues.

I like the changes. The table cloth gives it a 'place' to set.

...I wonder what my thoughts were originally about the photo...must thumb through your posts and check it out!

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