Thursday, August 2, 2012

NC Mountains and Day 8 Painting

Last weekend we took a break from the oppressive heat and spent some time in the mountains.  We have some favorite hikes, but we prefer "new-to-us" trails.  (Why would you want to know what is around the next bend?!)

One of our favorite hiking areas is Panthertown Valley, just northeast of Cashiers, North Carolina.  

Panthertown Valley is 6,300 acres in area.  There are almost 30 miles of trails in this beautiful valley, which means you can hike for hours on end and never have to use the same trail, twice - Perfect!  Just our style!

This past weekend, we hiked to three waterfalls and TWO of the falls we had completely to ourselves!  We were the only people there!  On a Saturday in July!  I love to hike and never see another person.  (At the third waterfall we ran into two hikers and their two dogs, so I had to force myself to realize that I was not the first white man to see this area.)  

I posted about hiking in this area of North Carolina a year or two ago here and shared a few trails, if you are headed that way.

Here is my Day 8 painting.......

Still stuck on bouquets.

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thistlewoodfarm said...

Did you take those photographs? They are AMAZING! Thanks for inspiring me today! We are heading to the beach today!


Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Silly me, I must have missed this painting...
I like the future painting much more!


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