Before and After Problem

I love it when problems turn out to have surprisingly happy endings!
Like when my consulting work essentially vanished and I started my art career. My art journey has been a surprising and happy journey.

Well, with my husband's office chairs, I had a problem. My husband had two, boring, navy blue office chairs with cherry wood that he used to need in a previous office.....

Did I mention they were boring? Nothing is actually wrong with these chairs. They are comfortable, but very "office-y" looking. Plus - we live in a house, not an office.  I wanted to sell them on Craigslist, like I did with his desks and filing cabinets, but he drew the line at the chairs. He would not even consider selling the two navy blue chairs.

He loves those chairs, primarily because he is a huge fan of anything navy. (If I were to paint the washer and dryer navy, he might just do all the laundry!) His rationale was that since he can always use the chairs in a future office, ditching them now might mean buying new ones in a year or two. Did I mention that we have zero storage room in this old house?  (And I am not parting with cash each month to fund a storage unit.) So, my problem was -what to do with two large navy blue office chairs?

Initially, I thought there was no place for them.  But, it just so happened, that I really needed chairs in my living room.  

So, I decided to make slip covers......

Aren't they cute?

I LOVE those chairs, now.

I used a white duck cloth.

Every bit of sewing and measuring and procrastinating was worth it.  

I am not sure I could have purchased chairs that I like any more than I like these with the slipcovers.

Sometimes (with a little elbow-grease), a problem can have a happy ending.

Oh, and speaking of elbow grease, you know about my 31-Days-of-Art challenge I made on Nester's blog.  You also have probably noticed that I have gotten WAY behind, therefore, I have been frantically painting.  Here are some pieces of art I created the past few days, as I try to catch up with my 31-Days-of-Art plan for October. 

Here are numbers 18-20.....

Painting 18: Sweet Autumn Pumpkin 12"x12"

Painting 19: Santa Number 2  17"x17"

Painting 20: Field O' Flowers  29"x15"

Click here to see the rest of this art series....

Have a great day!

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Kim said…
What a great transformation, I don't think you could have purchased cuter chairs! :) Kim @ Exquisitely Unremarkable
Scribbler said…
Your chairs with the slips look great. Only one problem that I see: your husband may have to buy himself new chairs!LOL
Those look fantastic.
I completely know and understand about elbow grease, procrastinating, etc.
These turned out fabulous!
Also...I've always loved your couch.
Great job on the painting.
Stacey said…
Wow! They are completely transformed. Way to go. I have two chairs upstairs that were the end chairs to our dining set. They are actually pretty similar. I'm planning to do the same thing at some point.
LOVE LOVE those slips...your chairs look fabulous!! I have two chairs very similar in my living room that I would love to have slips made for.
I love, love, love those slipcovers. The buttons on the back are so charming.
Anonymous said…
Your slip covers are gorgeous. I am always so impressed when someone tackles the job of creating a slipcover. I am coveting your chairs now. Have a wonderful day!
You did an amazing job on the slip covers! I am very impressed.
And your artwork is incredible!
I like them a lot! I also like your gallery wall that is visible through the door!
KC Coake said…
I LOVE your slipcovers! They are so pretty. I love the little pleated ruffle at the bottom. Perfect detail. Great job!
Unknown said…
Your art is always lovely. The chair makeovers are so very pretty. Love the ruffled edge.
Anonymous said…
Awesome job! Of course I love slipcovers! Doing two identical chairs is always harder since they have to be, well, the same.
Thank you, Prudent Homemaker! Here is a link to that gallery wall collection you can see through the door - out in the hall I have a collection of birds....
I love your slipcovered chairs! If only I could sew I would be making them in a second. And your living room is so charming and welcoming. :)

Angela @ Number Fifty-Three
Great job with the slip covers, they are beautiful! I love that you were able to re-purpose them. And you should test your theory about painting the washer and dryer....
Unknown said…
I have to admit, I love that y'all didn't get rid of them. The shape is perfect and they look really sturdy! I do LOVE the slipcovers you made though and how elegant they look. :) Thanks for linking up to Thrifty Thursday.
Oh my, those chairs are gorgeous!
The chairs are stunning and your art work just gorgeous!
I love your chairs. Need to do us a tutorial on HOW TO lol I am slip cover challenged LOL . I love your blog. I am a new follower . HUGS from Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl. Welcome to stop on in at my blog any time ..LOVE to have ya
I have a crush on your chairs :) Thanks for linking up to Tickled Pink Times Two!
Make it a pink day!