Monday, January 26, 2015

Random Art Around My House

I like to pick up unique art in unexpected places. Like in flea markets or on Ebay. 
My only rules are that it must be something I like and something I can afford (more or less).

I recently bought this oil painting (the weeping red barn, on the right) at a little antique store in Brunswick Georgia. $15.  I couldn't think of a home for it, at the time, but bought it anyway and decided it fit perfectly on my piano with the other painting. If you are ever in Brunswick, Georgia, or heading to St. Simons or Jekyll Island, swing by Victorian Antiques in Brunswick. Lots of fun items! 

A friend and "regular-purchaser-of-my-art" (I'm making that a word) gave me the painting on the left with the red-headed man in it. I love it. The two compliment each other because so many of the colors are similar. 

Here is another piece I found for $15 at the same great store, two feet away from the weeping barn painting. It's actually a Maurice Utrille print, not an original painting, but I simply couldn't pass up the fun colors. The frame and mat are a nice change from my own canvas pieces. Plus, I am dying to go back to Paris. Am hoping this will suffice.

And one more find from this same great store...

It's hanging in my powder room (that's the hand-towel holder knob in the picture) 

This original color pencil drawing was $6, already framed. And I like the age on the frame. (I'm not "into" having everything in my home being recently manufactured, that is for sure.) 

I also bought this little church oil painting a few months ago on Ebay. It came with the frame. The jury is still out regarding the frame. Should I keep it in that frame, or replace it?

The frame is a bit ostentatious and old lady-like. But vintage, for sure.

That one was $20 including shipping. 

The frame is growing on me. Some days. 
Yes, that is a jump rope hanging on the stair banister. 

That church painting is next to the piano near another little piece of church art...

That one is obviously a print and I've had it for years.

My husband bought this oil painting for me a few years ago for Christmas....

It is still one of my favorites. Ignore the brick on the furniture. That brick was an award for one of my kids and hasn't found a home.

I found these little guys in yet another flea market. I love the crewel work.

Here are two of my favorites....

That was one of my first paintings back in 2009. 

And this one I painted within the last year...

Bored, yet? 

Here is a shot of some of the art in my dining room...

I wrote about my neutral gallery wall art in my dining room here, if you are interested! 

Have a great day!

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ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Beautiful artwork...I love your gallery wall! I would keep the frame just maybe paint over the white with a darker color.

Amy O'Quinn said...

I am an eclectic art lover/collector too, and the things in our house run the gamut. If I like something and it 'speaks' to me, that's what matters. Not the value, origin, or place it's found.
(Although cost does make a huge difference around here. LOL) BTW, I'd love to hop in your suitcase if you go back to Paris. It's on my bucket list, along with England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and Austria.

Amy O'Quinn said...

Quick question. I clicked over to the post about your gallery wall to see bigger pics. So...on the left side of the window, down at the bottom that a drawing you did or one you bought? The one with the lamp post? What is the scene exactly? I can tell it's something I'd really like! I like lamp posts. In fact, that's what Chad gave me for Christmas--a vintage lamp post light for the front yard. :)

Trish @TheOldPostRoad said...

Amy - I created some of the gallery wall art, but bought several of the pictures on ebay and etsy and in flea markets. That particular one was Ebay and is a post card by Don Davey - it is of New Orleans and is dated 1976. Search his name on Ebay and on Etsy and there are lots of his sketches. I noticed several of his items include lampposts.

Rebecca said...

I really like this post about your paintings! And I was going to suggest something similar to what Martina said - 'cept I'd probably tone down the gold!

I have a a Paris painting, too...and a lot of florals. One day, I'd love to be able to afford one of yours!

Amy O'Quinn said...

Thanks, Trish! I looked up Don Davey on Ebay and found the exact post card drawing you have. Yay! I really like it! I have been to New Orleans, and this piece definitely brings back memories. Again, thanks for the information!

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