Monday, November 18, 2013


My kitchen has a black and white checkerboard floor we installed when we moved in.  I thought the 20+ year old faux-brick linoleum that had curled up around the edges was going to be hard to keep clean, assuming we could keep most of it attached to the floor. So, once we removed the suspended ceiling and the faux-brick linoleum and the fluorescent light, we had the checkerboard floor installed. (Man, oh man, I wish I could find those "before" photos.)

I like the check, even though you don't see it in new homes. Our house is 160 years old, after all, so the vintage look is appropriate.

Ran across this image on Pinterest this morning....

Someone after my own heart, even though the photo is from 2009. 
I like the wooden countertops. The vintage butcher block in the photo above is cool, but may be too tiny for my kitchen.

I am also beyond ready to remove the center wall in our large kitchen and possibly thrown in an island.

Could you please explain to my husband how easily we could remove that wall?  And the demolition part would be such a de-stresser.  I'm sure of it.


I like the character of this island...

and this one...

and this metal one would add some contrast to the wood counters I have imagined in my mind....

Straight-up dreaming.

Have a great day!

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Betty said...

The wall can be removed by installing a truss beam in the attic. We did this years ago and it worked fine.


Low Tide High Style said...

Great inspiration photos, I love great islands and beautiful black and white checkered floors! And tell your hubby to take that wall'll never regret it!

xo Kat

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Beautiful inspiration!!

Mindy said...

Looks exactly like the wall we recently took out. Not easy. Even a little bit. But totally worth it.

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