Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Working With What You Have

Today, I am joining Emily A. Clark and her "Working with What You Have" party.  I am sharing my family room.  
I have lamented over my red sofa, before.
I am sick and tired of it, as I mentioned here.

And here.

However, I have made it work.  I found this great fabric with green and yellow and turquoise, as well as red.
These pillows help bring other colors into my den.

And then I went from yellow walls to gray....

Which was a refreshing change.  I was not thrilled with the gray and red combo, at first - a little too much like the high school cafeteria where my daughter goes to school (their colors are red and gray).  

But the combo has grown on me - especially since I added more green.

And speaking of "working with what you have" - do you see that slip covered chair?  Drop cloths I sewed and shared here.  A new chair would have been my choice - but it was not in the budget.

In my opinion, having everything brand-spanking-new is not appealing to the eye.  "Working with what you have" can bring out a lot of creativity!

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Rebecca said...

Oh, I SO agree! Brand-spanking new is not eye-appealing to me. Your room looks very welcoming and interesting. Definitely "my style" and preference :)

Those pillows were a GREAT way to get more "life" out of that sofa.

Stacey said...

I think your red sofa is perfect with all the colorful artwork and pillows. :)

Mindy said...

I think it looks great. Red couch and all. Your art on the wall makes the room. :o)

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I love your cottage-y room! The art work brings it all together.
I love yellow and red...but think the gray looks more sophisticated.

"Working with What You have" is my M.O. lol...


Jill Hill said...

i LOVE this!

SouthMainMuse said...

You made your slipcovers? And I was just always impressed with your pillows. It's funny that you mentioned the color of the cafeterias. They could put a gun to my head and I don't think I could tell you a think about them. I am not a detail person. ha.

Emily A. Clark said...

I think the gray walls were a great idea! And, I love the little art collection above the sofa. Thanks for linking up :)

Susan Herin said...

Trish, the gray looks great and I love all the pillows you chose! You may want to add this to my Metamorphosis Monday party this Monday. Love your home!

Christie said...

Love it! I love seeing sofas-other-than-white. Your room has such personality and style. Good job.

La Monica said...

I saw a link to this post on Emily Clark's blog. I clicked on it because I share your red couch dilemma. I tripped out when I saw the before pics of your yellow walls, because wouldn't ya know it-we've got those too! Great minds eh? lol

I told my hubby I wanted to go grey w/our walls to tone it down and now I see that's a wise choice. But my first step in working w/the red couch that we have is to find a pair of awesome pillows like you did. They really do make the difference. Great job!

Amy said...

Love it!

Monica said...

Hi Trish I am wondering if you know the name of the fabric you used for the pillows or where you got it? I have the same thing going on in my family room and I think this would solve the problem! Thanks so much!

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