Monday, February 22, 2010

Awards and Such

Well, my very first art show was a great experience!

I sold five paintings!

And took a picture of four of them!


I received the Sunshine Award!

Thank you to Tina Steele Lindsey for the award! Here are the rules.
In a post, tell who gave you the award; link their name on your post and add the award icon; pass the award on to bloggers who lift or inspire others by adding their links in your post; notify them of the award!

I am passing the award to Low Tide High Style for her continued encouragement!
and to Jessica Leigh for her patience while I find
my bedroom paint colors!!!

Go and check out their cute blogs!

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Red Door Home said...

Love your paintings! Wow - five sold at your first show. You must be so proud. Congrats on a much deserved award.

Tina Steele Lindsey said...

Congratulations Trish, I am so so so so so happy. Do you remember what the verse was on the painting you don't have a photo of?

janet said...

Well congratulations!!! Happy your show was a success.
your friend,

Low Tide High Style said...

Congratulations on selling those wonderful paintings, but I'm not surprised in the least, your work is amazing!

And thanks so much for the award! That's so very sweet of you. Your paintings provide me encouragement me every time I look at them!

Kat :)

Jessica said...

you are so precious! i am so excited to see more pics of your bedroom. it's just so inspirational! it's getting old having our matress set on the floor, but i keep thinking how blessed we are to have room to stretch. our old house was just about 900 square feet.

i got your paint colors just now and have that website pulled up!!!! it looks darker on your wall, but just perfect!!!

congrats on the paintings! they are all so beautiful, and thank you for the award! i adore your blog!

Lettered Cottage said...

Congratulations Trish!

I look VERY forward to buying one of your "works of heart" someday so that I can display it here at TLC!

You rock!

Betty said...

Congratulations to you Trish...Your paintings are beautiful...just to think I met you as a child....I should have gotten your autograph back then!

Betty @ Country Charm

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