Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gifts for Crafty Friends

Do you have someone "crafty" on your Christmas list?

I have a talented niece who likes to make things.

Last year I sent her a cool kit I bought on Etsy to make necklace pendants.

It was similar to this.......

(But not nearly as BIG - sorry, Hannah!)

This kit makes 15 pendants, 5 bookmarks, 5 thumbtacks, and 5 magnets and is $28 from

Etsy has a variety of kits available - I found many cool ideas!

Make your own Soap kit!
$10 by

How about a make-your-own Penguin ornament ?
$11 by

Remember those cute glitter houses I showed you last week?

Well, here is a kit for a glitter church - $21.95 from

Make your own coin pouch - just $7 from

For a crafty knitter friend....... this cute owl knitting kit with pattern and yarn......

$15 by

How about a Terrarium Kit? $15 from

This little doll painting kit would be fun for kids/teens!

This next one is a kit to make a vintage wreath. $28 from

This holiday card making kit looks cute.....
$10 from

So many great choices!!!!

And since these gifts are all about changing a KIT into

a cute "Something" - I included this post with many other projects at

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Little Pink Studio said...

You have gathered some wonderful kit options that would make great gifts!
Thank you so much for including me in this and for putting this great list together!

Nancy said...

These are all great ideas. The soap making kit looks fun, as well as the first one you showed. Very neat!


Leanne said...

Great gift ideas. Thanks for sharing. said...

wow, what great ideas


Cindy said...

Well, *those* certainly get my creative juices flowing! I think I love the first kit best, but the knitted owl is adorable and would be perfect for my sis-in-law. And I'd love to try the terrarium....I don't think I could kill moss, but ya never know :)
Thanks for linking to Mi4M...

Tricia Anne said...

What great ideas! That owls is too cute!
:o) Love Trish

Katie said...

I love that pendant kit! It's pretty good value for 28 bucks since it seems like you can make several.

Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottage said...

What great gift ideas!

Lara Harris said...

Love them all! Etsy is awesome! :)

melifaif said...

Wow. That wreath is unreal! love it so so much.

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