Painting the Back of the Bookcase

I love the look of bookshelves when the back "wall" is painted.

I have one particular pair of bookshelves in my den that need a punch of color.  

But, I cannot decide which color to use.



Pink would not be a popular color with my husband...



I'm always a fan of green..


I am not this brave.....

I just love this room.....

Life in Grace

It is so fun and comfortable looking.

Grasscloth is always an option...

Cottage and Vine

The texture and color add some "depth." 

No decision on the color I will use, just yet, but I will keep you posted.

Also - Thank You to these sweet bloggers for featuring my slipcovered chairs from last week....

Debbie at Confessions of a Plate Addict
Ruth at Living Well Spending Less

Have a great day!


Me too! I love that look too. That is why I painted my shelf wall behind my bed! Because I like it so much...;)
I love your inspiration photos. ;)
I also wanted to say...I had it easy picking a color. I used green. It was Ooops! Paint.
Easy Peasy.
I love a pop of color. I say go for what you FEEL what makes your space YOU and Happy and hubby of course too. PINK prob wouldn't fly LOL
Mindy said…
I'm a green girl, too. Through and through. I love that dark colored beadboard one. I've been staring at my dark wood bookshelves in the living room for at least a year now, trying to come up with something. You always see white ones painted, but never anything in the dark ones. I'm considering buying a roll of the beadboard wallpaper and sticking some of that in there to see how it looks. The "I need change" frenzy manifested today in a full living room rearrangement. I can't tell if I like it yet. It was the old way for 12 years. I suppose the good news is, if I end up changing it back, everything is really clean now. :)