Creative Marketing Photos

A great photo can sell pretty much anything.  Here are some creative photographs I found on Etsy.  Some are so detailed, it is difficult to tell exactly what is included in the sale!

Paper Cut Ornament Card AshleyPahl on Etsy

Pendant Jeraly on Etsy

Painting Eeliethel on Etsy

Stool HavenVintage on Etsy

LOVE sign West Vintage Trading Co on Etsy

Le Papier Studio on Etsy

Tie and Suspenders Maggie Bogart on Etsy

100 vintage buttons at  CatTales on Etsy

Party Pack by PomTree

So many of those photos are stunning.  Isn't that photo by PomTree great?  I am guessing that it pays to be creative!  

Enjoy your day.  Hope it is a creative one!