Blow Me Away

Some things just blow me away.  Three things in the past few hours, actually.

Number 1 Blow Me Away item:  I just noticed I have 998 followers on Pinterest.  Whoa.  Now, if I could just figure out how to use Pinterest to market my art.   Hmmmmm.

So, while I was marveling over my number of followers, I clicked on a few pins (of course!)  And I found this one...

(This qualifies as Blow Me Away Item Number 2.)  I have seen that image on Pinterest, before,  and admired the colors, but never slowed down enough to read the caption beneath the pretty picture, which says...

"Such a cool tool! Attach any picture and it will give you the paint chip colors"

So then I clicked on Sherwin Williams' Chip It site.  And uploaded a photo of my living room and got these suggestions for colors!

How cool is that?  You should try it.  It probably works better with fabric.  (The dark brown suggested for my room are clearly from my heart pine floors or the wood on the furniture.)

So, I uploaded a two-toned Amy Butler fabric and here are the results...

I guess I could play with that program all day!  

And, the third Blow Me Away item:   Facebook Yard Sale.   I live in a small town and we have a local Facebook Yard Sale group.  I only know a couple of the people in the group, but the Facebook group includes several nearby counties, so there are more than 4,000 members in the Yard Sale group.  A few months ago I sold my son's almost-new football cleats on there for $30 and thought it was a fluke.  Yesterday, I started listing things like jackets, shelves, curtains - and they were selling like hotcakes!  These were all items I was about to take to Good Will!  I made a little cash, instead.  We have a nearby Craigslist that I use quite often, but this local Facebook Yard Sale Group is quite a busy little group!  I noticed their webpage is run by a local teacher who started it up and sells ads.  Might be a smart business venture for some of you out there who live in a smallish area.  

Have a great day!  Hope you find some things that just Blow You Away, today!


Cool gadget widget for paint swatches. I've heard someone else mention Facebook Yardsales. I wonder how you'd find one in your area? or start one up if there isn't one?
Any tips?
I think you can post your paintings on a board on face book with a link back to your Etsy store. I have my store linked to Pinterest. I'm not utilizing it or advertising it much...but it's there. Best wishes to you in that!

...have great fun and success. Pat
Katy said…
i love the colors in that first pin (the fabric swatches)

and yeah, if i had 1000 Pinterest followers I'd wonder how the heck that happened lol
Mindy said…
Do you have a board of all your paintings? You could pin them every time you put a new one in your shop.

I discovered that chip it not too long ago and it is super fun.

I have over 1000 followers on Pinterest and don't know where they came from either. They certainly ain't comin' from my teeny tiny blog. :)