Update on My Kitchen Update

Thank you for all of your input regarding my cabinet facelift!  I decided to take your advice (and my daughter's advice) and I used Paper "A" - the scroll pattern. 

In case you missed it, I bought four different scrapbook papers at Hobby Lobby last week and let everyone give me their opinion regarding my choices here

Most of you selected "A," as did my daughter.  I really wanted "B", but my decision was MADE for me when I got to Hobby Lobby.  They were sold out of Pattern "B" (the bright green with white flowers). 

This little mini-facelift cost $5.05 and took less than 30 minutes. 

How is that for an economical and easy way to lift your spirits every time you grab a dish?

I papered two cupboards with the scrapbook sheets.

And double stick tape was my new best friend.

I spent a whopping 20 minutes on this project.  But I am not picky about seams or anything.  If you are the type who notices unmatched seams on the back of a kitchen cabinet, you might want to go with a simpler print.  The pattern in this paper did not align with the edge of the adjacent sheet.  Overlapping didn't make it match, either.  But I don't care - just don't point it out to my hubby.

Terry at Architectural Tourist suggested I change the papers out every season.  My daughter and I agree with Terry - and we are really excited about next Christmas season!

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Have a wonderful day!

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Unknown said…
What a great idea - scrapbook papers are so fun to play with, but I never thought of doing this. Wonderful!!

JMD said…
I really like it. Like the previous comment, I would not have thought of it either but glad you did!

PS I really like your dishes.
Amber D said…
Fun idea I'm going to have to keep this in mind when we finaly get around to updating our kitchen.
Found you on Sugar Bee
Unknown said…
Your project turned out so well. I may just have to try this when we work on our basement kitchen cabinet makeover. Thanks for the tip on the double sided tape.
Erin Southwell said…
You need to take those cabinet doors down! :) Show off all your hard work and pretty dishes!
Dixie said…
I'm working on my kitchen too, so I'm stealing... er.. borrowing all the wonderful ideas I can find! Love yours!!

thanks. Dixie
Tausha said…
Love this! Love that paper can make a huge difference! I am thinking that I need add some paper to my kitchen!
Thanks so much for the inspiration!
Have a happy week!

Heaven's Walk said…
You are just the smartest gal, Trish! Great job!!! :)

xoxo laurie
I'm so loving this, I'm thinking of doing this for my bookshelves in my diningroom. Yours is so neat looking and thanks for telling us the scrap book paper doesn't match, makes me feel better about attempting this:)

thistlewoodfarm said…
Visiting from Kim's! What a clever idea! Thanks for the inspiration!
Shelia said…
How pretty! I'm sure you're smiling now every time you look inside your cabinets.
Be a sweetie,
I love this idea, what a cheerful little surprise. Saw you over at diy showoff, glad I did! :)
Love love love this! I will be featuring it tomorrow.
Roeshel said…
So pretty, Trish! lol - I'm going to be including a feature (in this week's DIY Project Parade highlights) too!

Have a great weekend!

Thank you so much for sharing your creativity! :)