New Family Member

Meet Nellie...

How cute is that ?!?? 
The kids are thrilled.....

Our 10 year old Maggie is not amused.

Here she is guarding one of her balls......

Maggie has cancer and we are hoping she can teach the new pup how to act.   We shall see  - this might just be wishful thinking on our part!

We found Nellie via - it is a great service - just type in your zip code and the type and age animal you are looking for and the website will show you all of the animals in the local shelters/pounds.  We wanted another lab and decided a chocolate lab would be awfully cute.  She is probably not purebread, but that doesn't matter to us.  Here is the Petfinder link for Nellie's brother, who is still available. 

Gee, wonder how I will be spending my day. 

Most likely I will be out in the yard hoping the puppy will use the grass instead of my floors!

Enjoy your day!


Wishing you many years of great times with your new puppy and hoping your beautiful older girl is comfortable.
Isabel said…
What beautiful dogs and so sorry to hear that Maggie has cancer.have fun with them and Im sure she will learn fast from Miss Maggie;O)
I'm so sorry to hear that Maggie has cancer! But oh my is your puppy too cute! Hugs to both of your sweet dogs!

Jamie said…
So sorry about Maggie. HK will be so sad. But thrilled about the puppy. He's v cute.
Katy said…
aw she's so darn cute, it almost makes me rethink my ban on dogs. lol

And then I remember that whole "taking outside all the time for the potty" and I'm good.

she's beautiful :)
Kathy said…
Nellie is so CUTE! I remember the puppy days and I feel for you, endless trips out to potty. And teething/chewing, but its all so worth it.
I'm sorry to hear that Maggie has cancer, she looks like such a sweetheart.