I may not have the cash for a kitchen renovation in my budget, but I can certainly DREAM!

So thankful for Pinterest!

Repurposing a salvaged sink traditional kitchen

Love this old sink.  I am assuming it is old.  I also love the natural light and obviously the marble.

This next kitchen is quite unique.  Not sure how they matched up the various cabinets but it certainly gave this corner some character.  I am assuming this is a renovation on an existing home.    I love how the cabinets are see-through, bringing more light to the room.

The blue green tile is pretty, too! 

This next tile would be fun to see each morning....


At first.
I am not sure I could live with that tile every single day for years.   Maybe at a vacation home on the beach?   (While I am daydreaming and all.)

This wallpaper idea is something I should try NOW to bright up my kitchen shelves....

I could use something less expensive than wallpaper - maybe wrapping paper or scrapbook paper.  And I don't have glass cabinets - but it would be a nice treat just to open the cabinet doors and see a pretty bit of paper!

I am fairly certain my husband would not agree to sitting on a park bench each morning for breakfast and each evening for dinner ....


I could always give him the end seat - or we could just go out to eat.

Daydreaming time is over!  Hope you enjoyed it! 

Oh, here is something I created, today...


Enjoy the rest of your day!


Katy said…
lovely - my favorite is the first pic. the windows, the sink, everything. sigh.....
Unknown said…
Those kitchens are dreamy. An the painting just lovely.
Sharon said…
I just love the pictures you find. I also lovve your taste in things and your ideas. I just enjoy your blogs.
God bless!