Inexpensive Kitchen Face Lift

I shared this photo with you earlier this week.....

Since then, I have been to Hobby Lobby and I found a few scrapbook papers -50% off!
I am going to line the back of my cupboard with them.
Which one do you think I should use?  (ignore my messy dishes, please)

A, B, C, or D?
Here is a closer view with poor lighting.....

A. scroll
B. green flowers
C. turquoise old lady pattern
D. black damask

I was planning to go with the green flowers (B) since that paper was 6 for $1 plus 50% off.  (8 cents a sheet)  Wow.  Plus, I like the bright green - you know how I am about color.
But my daughter wants me to use the scroll pattern (A).  She thinks the flowers are too little-girly. (30 cents a sheet)

Let me know which one you think I should use.   I will share my finished project with you next week!

Please enter my GIVEAWAY!!!  The drawing is Tuesday night.

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Enjoy your weekend!


Paula@SweetPea said…
My eye was immediately drawn to A. This is going to be a fun and inexpensive update and if you don't like it or get tired of it, it will be easy to change.
I'm drawn to B. I love the green and white and the little flowers.

Trish, I think A or C give the most impact.
I picked A immediately and I get told all the time that I have a knack for putting things together. None of us could make a reasonable choice without seeing the rest of the room. A is the classy look, though.
myomyohi said…
I think A is most like your inspiration picture, but I also like C. However, go with your gut. If you get tired of it, you can always change it up again.
jean said…
A or C, depending on which color you want to highlight. Can't wait to see the final redo!
Terry said…
I think you should go seasonal, change it up of 3 - 6 months.
Isabel said…
B!! I just love that color and it goes all seasons:O) cant wait to see the finished space:O)
JMD said…
I like A but it is what you want that is important.
Mindy said…
Yep, I'm partial to your fave too. Green? Flowers? That one has my name all over it. BUT, the one your daughter likes would be my second choice - it still has the botanical thing that I'm drawn to goin' on.
What a fun, easy, cheap, way to change up your cupboard. Can't wait to see it finished.
Unknown said…
A is the one that caught my eye first, but I also like C. They also look really good with the white dishes. Looking forward to the reveal and I may just have to keep this in mind when I start work on our basement kitchen cabinets.
Erin Southwell said…
I would definitely go for B, but you know I love things that look vintage!! Love that choice AND it's on sale! :)