Dining Room Re-Do!!

FINALLY finished my dining room!

(Thanks, Melissa! for hosting the Procrastinator's Party and making me do something about that awful room!)

Remember this? ..................

(For more "before" photos of this room, go here.)

Well, TA - DA...............

Much better, don't you think?

The Valspar High-Hiding primer (in white) COMPLETELY covered up the red without a problem.
In-progress photo with one coat of primer..............

I used Jekyll Clubhouse Yellow by Valspar to lighten up the dark, north-facing room. (1 coat of primer and 2 coats of yellow).

(Valspar is at Lowe's -if you are wondering.)

The curtains may change - I am not "thrilled" with them. Loved this material, but am not so sure about it -now that it is hanging from the curtain rod!

And obviously the chair skirts will have to wait until I have stopped procrastinating on THEM. (another party, anyone??)

But overall - We are pleased as punch with our "new" dining room!

(and NOW I can leave that door open!!)

Please visit Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Metamorphosis Monday and Kimba at A Soft Place to Land for DIY day! and The Shabby Chic Cottage for Transformation Thursday!


Total cost -less than $300 plus LOTS of elbow grease.

Paint: $120 (with 11.5 foot ceilings, the walls need alot of paint!)

Fabric, curtain rod: $110

Accessories: $60 (new lampshade, plants, mercury glass (over on the LARGE buffet), and moss (center of table with the silver))

I already had all of the furniture, the rug, and the remaining accessories and pictures -it just wasn't noticeable due to the huge mess!!

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rachel blazer said…
woohoo! it looks gorgeous! i think i like your dining room better than mine. : ) congratulations on a job well done!
happy tuesday-
Terry said…
I didn't realize your ceiling was so high. I do like the color. Wow. Let's eat!
Sjn said…
It looks fabulous! Great job getting it done in the 2 weeks! I love the pale yellow and the curtains and chair covers. Set yourself a "goal timeframe" for those too.
I'm giving myself until 11/15 to completely finish my room. We have a trip next week to the North East that's interrupting my work. But... it will all be done for Thanksgiving company to come visit!
Oh my goodness, gorgeous transformation! Wow! Hmmmm...you are making me feel lazy. All I got done in the time allotted was a chair. lol Great job, what a beautiful room.
jamie said…
Great job! Your dining room is amazing! I love it all!
No way, now way, now way... what a huge and successful transformation. You should be very proud. Excellent job!

Looking good! Maybe I should have joined the party!!!
What a success to the 'party'! It looks so nice!! I have been so inspired by looking at all the Party Afters!! :)
~Kathie~ said…
You did a fabulous job on your dining room! I love the pale yellow paint color!!!
Holy smokes!! What a transformation!! I love the new room. It is beautiful!! Well done!
Janet said…
What a gorgeous room, the architecture is stunning.
cherry said…
WOW! WOW! WOW! Fabulous ...hugs, Cherry
Changing the color really make the space more cheerful! Don't get me started on how jealous I am of that fireplace...
Amanda said…
yum!!! that color really added more space to that room. I currently have a red dining room too and I am soooo over it- I want to go light too! thanks for sharing!!
DeeAnna said…
What a beautiful transformation! Love it! I just changed the red in my dining room as well. I hired painters because I didn't want all of the work this time.
Cindy said…
This is absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing!
Sandy Garrett said…
All I can say is WOW!! Great transformation. Looks like it jumped out of the pages of a decorating magazine. Just perfect and done in two weeks? Amazing.
Anonymous said…
It is lovely! Love the color of the walls and I think the curtains are great! It is a very classic room, but the curtains add a bit of whimsy. So pretty!
cindy said…
Oh my!!! What a difference...just love it, so bright and happy in there now :o) And I think the chair covers are fab!
alissa said…
just breath-taking! you were busy!!
great transformation! I am getting ready to paint over red also..good tip on the Valspar Primer.
holy moly... what a stunning redo! very well done :)
Wow, what a makeover! I love how bright and cheerful it looks now! Those curtains and the paint color are gorgeous.
Anonymous said…
How amazingly tranquil compared to the before! Great job on the makeover!
pk @ Room Remix
It is gorgeous. I love the drapes, I love the chairs - it's hard to pick out my favorite.
Love the Decor! said…
Doesn't even look like the same room!! Beautiful!! Cheerful!!
I have so many projects guess I should have joined the party!!
Anonymous said…
Oh, it's very pretty! I love it!
nannykim said…
Wow that came out beautiful. Nice job!!! I am amazed at all you have gotten done! I was wondering at first because I did like the red. But the yellow makes the room appear much brighter and bigger. I had a red room for a while which I also painted a form of yellow because I wanted it to be lighter in the room.
Anna said…
wow! it looks beautiful!
Molly Anne said…
Did you hear that? That was the sound of my jaw dropping. It is so beautiful and classy!
And you got to do something I've been plotting and planning...a silver bowl full of moss (although I plan on adding some flowering bulbs nearer Christmastime)
Nancy said…
That is really beautiful! How can you have 11.5 foot ceilings? You did a great job! Love the yellow.
This house is 160 years old - and I am not sure why the ceilings are 11.5 feet. In some areas I am sure they differ (nothing is plumb!)
Tracy Watier said…
What a transformation! Love the wall color and chair slips. Great job.
Holy Smokes!! You rawked the procrastinator party!! The room is beautiful! Great job!
Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness I cannot believe this is the same room- It looks so much larger - so spacious! You have outdone yourself on this and I bet you are so enjoying the fruits of your labor!!

Nancy said…
I'm from southeast Georgia - Baxley. My family lived on the coast, Midway and Savannah, since the 1700s. I am studying my family history and am amazed how much you can find online. Those state historical magazines are wonderful! Where are you?
Oh wow - it is awesome! I love everything about it. The color, the curtains - love that pattern. And those skirts on the chairs are amazing.

Really really good!

Farmgirl Paints said…
Wow!! Looks amazing. What an improvement. I love Kimba's I need to head on over there:)
Nancy said…
Madison! One of my favorite towns! That explains the 11.5 foot ceilings. I met my husband at UGA. Drop me an email < porchdays@comcast.net> if you have time. Nancy
Anonymous said…
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Your floors are amazing! Love the fireplace and the new color change. Looks like a completely different house! Great job!
Unknown said…
THAT'S GORGEOUS!!!! Love the yellow -- it's so perfect!
Anonymous said…
What a transformation--love it!
It is just gorgeous! I love the color and the furniture placement and the accessories. It looks so bright and classic. Love, love, love it! Well done.
****** "M" said…
WOW! This transformation is Sooooo beautiful!
It's like the most lovely of lovely bed and breakfast! Awesome!
Marigene said…
What a wonderful transformation, from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan...a beautiful light happy room! The window treatments are really nice.
I ♥ your dining room.
What a differance!!! LOVE the cherry yellow!! Beautiful room! And I LOVE the wondow fabric!
Tamera said…
WOW! It looks great! Love the chair covers with the pleated bottom and all of the brightness! I have a red wall in my house, but I always love to see the light and airy...hmmm. Another project for another day!
Linda Q said…
Wow, great transformation.I bet you are so happy to get it done and enjoy the room!
Well done, bravo!
Linda Q
Unknown said…
Oh geeze....this is one of my favorite posts today. It's aaaaamazing!!! Love the color...the furniture pieces are simply gorgeous...and the cost for this wonderful transformation is incredible!! Great job..your hard work was worth it.

Stop by and see my lovely transformation and don't forget to see yesterday's post too!!!...My papa's hand-painted frescoes from the cathedrals of Southern Italy!
Alisa D. said…
What gorgeousness! The color is so pretty and perfect for your space. VERY well done!!!
Tricia said…
I saw your dining room on "Better After" and I have to tell you that it looks great! Love the color, the decor and the drapes! Beautifully done!
Unknown said…
Add a cheap and easy pelmet over your window (to hide the gap from the curtain rod to the frame) and it will be amazing!
Tutorial: http://littlegreennotebook.blogspot.com/2009/09/easy-pelmet-boxes.html

Examples: http://littlegreennotebook.blogspot.com/2009/10/your-pelmets.html
Anonymous said…
that doesn't even look like the same room! Amazing!!!
Heather said…
What an amazing transformation! I love this room!! It makes me happy just looking at the pictures so I can only imagine how it makes you feel to be in it.
I like the curtains and the way the yellow fabric is on the outer edges. I am really loving the chairs skirts! That is EXACTLY what I want for my dining room chairs!!! Would you mind telling me where you got them? Or, if you made them, how you did it? They are beautiful.

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
Well, you know you've done something right when you get soooooo many comments! Way to go, this was a good one!
Katie Olthoff said…
The yellow is perfect with your wood table! And I ADORE the yellow curtain fabric!
I LOVE everything about your dinning room. Just BEAUTIFUL! Martina