Today, I am participating in Smiling Sally's Blue Monday blog party!

This kitchen is so 'refreshing.' The cool blue is cheerful.

This next porch just tells me that I am in Maine or Nantucket...........

Heaven in a bed frame............

I was whining on Springtree Road's blog that I was not selling much on Etsy. ....Had a sale within 24 hours of the whining! Here's the BLUE item I sold.....

Some generous friends gave me an old table that I can use for my art projects. (instead of my trusty old kitchen table).

So I started painting and whipped out this BLUE picture of my visit to Fernandina Beach, last week.

I kept telling my sister to bring her not-waterproof-camera out in the water so that I could take a photo of the beach from the water, but she wouldn't. So I just painted what I could remember. (what is WITH her? 30 years ago she would do everything I told her to!)

Love this blue beadboard, courtesy of Renovation Magazine.

Top three beautiful photos: Coastal Living


pam said…
Sisters grow up don't they? Love all your blue...I will have to go check out your Etsy store.
Sjn said…
blue has always been my favorite color, thanks for all the beautiful images!
Lovely blue pictures.
Have a nice blue monday, Annemieke
Nice blue art! Cute as can be! And sisters? I have two who don't mind. Of course I'm the baby so I guess the same could be said of me. ;-)

I like that kitchen shot and remember seeing it in the magazine. Believe it or not, that Nantucket looking picture looks like a beach house we leased years ago on the First Coast (near Atlantic Beach). They love wood shakes in that area.

Fernandina is fun. We had looked for a place there, but once while visiting we got trapped with sea fog and the paper mill when it was running. That sent us racing to St. Augustine instead. I still adore Fernandina, though. There's a wonderful shop there called the Plantation Shop that has the absolute coolest things. It's a magpie heaven!

Happy Blue Monday...


Sheila :-)
Mary Bergfeld said…
You've chosen some wonderful blues to share with us today. I'm so happy to hear you made a sale. I hope that was just the start of a winning streak. Have a wonderful day.
Very lovely blue things in your post. congrats on your sale on etsy. Come on over to my blog. I am having a blue giveaway.
Unknown said…
Love all the BLUE!!! I blue porch says welcome. THANKS!!! for sharing all the BLUE!!! Geri
SmilingSally said…
I love putting blue on anything--especially Bible verses. Happy Blue Monday.
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous your painting, too!
I don't know if my little sister ever did anything I TOLD her~~lol!
Happy Blue Monday!
Becky K. said…
Lots of fun blue here. Glad you made a sale. Hope things really pick up for you soon.

Becky K.
Hospitality Lane
Love it...and so happy for you to get a new work dining room table is spilling over with projects! Love your bloggie home too!
Terry said…
Happy Blue Monday to you .
What gogeous blues today.
The photos on your post are all so beautiful.
Nehemiah 8:10 is one of my all time favorite verses .
Thank you for bringing so much joy into your art .
I had such a lovely visit.
Sorry about your Sister and the camera but as a smart blogging girlfriend I will keep my 2 cents worth to myself :)
Blessings of joy to you for the rest of the week.
Happy Trails
Unknown said…
Enjoyed your post, went over to your etsy store, enjoy your paintings as well!

Coloradolady said…
THe kitchen is amazing. Love the bedroom too, so calming.
Knitty said…
The rooms are beautiful and I enjoyed your artwork. So your sister has turned rebellious, eh? It isn't too early to tell Santa about her!
Shirl said…
Hello, Happy Blue Monday! Beautiful blue pics here! Have a great week.
Bless you, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage