Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Early Vacay this Year

As my adult kids get older, it is harder to plan a vacation where all five of us can be present. This year our summer beach vacation occurred in early May! I can only imagine how difficult scheduling will be with spouses and grandchildren included! 

fernandina beach

We originally planned to go to Sanibel Island (where my husband grew up), but red tide has been a problem there this Spring and we did not want to worry about our daughter who has asthma (red tide is hard on people with breathing problems). So, we went to another favorite beach: Amelia Island (town of Fernandina Beach).  (And let me just add: my life is not all vacations, fun times, rainbows, and unicorns, however, this past week was wonderful! Now, I am back to work and returning to the "normal" life.)

The nice thing about May beach travel is the discounted rates for lodging!  

This was the view from our family room/kitchen area. 

amelia florida

(poor quality photo, but I wanted you to see the view across the back wall of the family room).

We simply could not get enough of the colors and natural beauty of this view. 

When we visit Fernandina Beach, we like to take the boat over to Cumberland Island for a few hours.  

We did not rent bikes this time. 

This visit we saw lots of wild horses, a turkey, and a raccoon. 

(View from our boat towards the Old Town of Fernandina.) 

We also tried fishing for about an hour. No luck.)

If you are visiting Amelia Island/Fernandina Beach, let me suggest some of our favorite restaurants:
Timoti's Seafood Shack (great quality and prices - very casual- blackened fish taco is my fave), 
Amelia Tavern (my 18 yo son's "best burger in 2018"), 
Cafe Karibo (crab cakes!), and 
The Salty Pelican (sunset view if you wait for a table on the upper deck).   

I hope your May is going well and I sincerely hope you get to take a vacation this summer!

Have a great day!

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