Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas Cards are in Stock!

My Christmas cards are boxed and ready to go! Finally! Could I take any longer?
Sold in packs of 10 or as individuals - check out my Etsy store to purchase. These can also be purchased locally at Madison Markets, Pure Bliss Spa, Madison Drugstore (Madison, Georgia), or PlainJane Designs in Athens, Georgia. 

Those Santa cards above are 5"x7" and are blank inside.

This next cute one is 5"x7" and is a flat card - no inside - but, you can write your long, detailed brag letter about how perfect your family is on the back side, and sign your name on the front (you know I am teasing). 

Five choices this year....

That card is also 5"x7" and has a "pearl" finish on each page. The inside of that one looks like this....

The square cards have a cute gingham pattern on the back and are 5"x5". 

All of my cards are printed on high quality paper by a professional printing company. They are substantial cards with a nice finish.

Have a nice day!

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