Friday, October 14, 2016

Magnolia Markets and Dallas

I certainly hope you are having a pleasant October! This is my favorite month! 

My sister, middle daughter, and I visited with my eldest daughter in Dallas this past week. We made it a point to drive to Waco and visit Magnolia Markets. (We are all Chip and Joanna Gaines fans, but then again, who isn't?) I had no idea how incredibly busy Magnolia Markets would be. One article I read (after my amazement) said they receive 35,000 shoppers per week. Wow! It was packed - wall to wall - but there were some beautiful pieces, as you can imagine. 

Just selfie-taking champs, we are....

Here is the only picture I took inside....

The grounds at Magnolia Market are nicely designed - big surprise, huh? - with an area for kids to run wild and plenty of food trucks and picnic tables. The compound is packed with people, but very pleasant. I bought one bowl. That's all. I really wanted to buy this bag, which is named "Joanna's Favorite Bag" ....

Maybe I'll purchase that one online if I "need" to :). 

We also made the mistake of EATING our way through Dallas. We did not eat anything that wasn't delicious. I highly recommend Henry's Majestic, MaseroThe Rustic, and HG SPLY Co, if you are searching for a restaurant in Dallas. While in Waco, we had yummy tacos and awesome guac at Torchy's Tacos.

We made a really big mistake by eating pie at Emporium Pies in the Bishop Arts District. The best pie I have EVER eaten! Look how cute the packaging is! 

Aren't those to-go wrappings just precious? And that is the line waiting to get in for a slice! We couldn't get the pie out of our minds, so went back a couple of days later. (Plus, my sister wasn't with us on our first pie-stop, and we really didn't want her to miss out. Excuses, excuses!) We were embarrassed to be seen going BACK into the first location, so found a second Emporium Pie location in West Elum. I love this wall in their front courtyard. 

I've been known to say, "I don't like pie." I can't say that anymore. 

Oh, and I have another child who couldn't make the Dallas trip with us, poor guy...

He has been very busy with his Senior Year of high school and with football. (This was more of a girly trip, anyway - he would have been bored). 

After a day to re-coup, I painted these pieces.... 

Both of these paintings sold soon after I listed them on Instagram and Etsy, yesterday. (blessing!)

Thanks for watching my slide show of my latest vacation! Life is not all fun and games (or never-ending vacations and ample free time), but we need to enjoy the slivers of rest and family time when we can grab them!

I hope you are also having a wonderful month!

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