Friday, September 16, 2016

Stacks and Stacks

Tower of Pisa  -Day 16 of 30

I enjoy painting these bowls, for some reason. Can't explain it, really. 
I have always been partial to pretty dishes. I have a difficult time getting rid of any of my old pieces! I guess I am actually a dish hoarder. Oh, that creates quite a wild scenario in my head: my great-grandkids come to visit one day and find me between stacks of dishes, trying to find my way out of the porcelain maze I've slowly created in my home. Blue and white dishes, floral pieces, basic white bowls, loads and loads of pretty china I couldn't pass up. They will put me on the local news and I will get my own reality t.v. show. The crazy lady who has too many dishes. Whew. Might make a run to goodwill, today!

Hope your day is wonderful!

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