Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I Need a Fresh Clean Kitchen

I won't show you the picture of MY kitchen! Just these pretty and clean kitchens I found online. I live in a dreamworld.

Coastal Living Dreamhouse via DecorPad

Oh, I guess I will just create art, instead! Here are two paintings for Day 21. 

I whipped these out this morning, instead of mopping my kitchen floor. 

I spent 10 hours in the car, yesterday. My dad lives in Tennessee and I ran up to see him for the day. It always amazes me how a long drive can wipe me out. I don't know if it is simply a mental thing where I decide in my head that I am tired, or if I am actually physically tired from the drive. It was a beautiful day, yesterday. The leaves in the North Carolina and Tennessee mountains are thinking about changing - not quite there, just yet! There you go - kitchens, art, and leaves in the mountains. I hit a variety of topics, this morning.

Have a great day!

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Sheila said...

Love your dream kitchen :) Love that you painted instead of mopping. Just going to get dirty again, right. LOL. Long drives tire me out too. I think it is for real, LOL. Love both paintings, the blue and white is a favorite of mine. I used to have several pieces but the cat and moving took care of most of them. Only have one blue and white vase now. Have fun today!

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