Thursday, September 8, 2016


I have been very fortunate to have time to paint this month! (It's the little things that we need to remember to be grateful for.)  I also had time to run to Atlanta, unexpectedly, last night. My little college girl has mono, so I drove to Atlanta yesterday to take her some "easy" food to prepare in her apartment. Chicken noodle soup will hopefully be the cure-all for her. I am grateful we live fairly close to her, at this time.

That's a pic she sent me last week, when she was feeling much better (fun friend in the background!). (Thank you, Lord, I am grateful that my child is typically a healthy person.)

When I returned from Atlanta at 9:00 pm, I sat down and painted. 

I was grateful for the energy to paint at that hour. I am also grateful for pinterest, where I can find inspiration in photographs! (There are lots of stacks of bowls on pinterest, if you were wondering!). That is Painting Number 8 in my 30 Paintings in 30 Days painting challenge.

Hope you have a wonderful, mono-free day! 

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Sheila said...

Mono, Ugghh! Had that in high school. Missed 6 months, but with the help of friends I kept up with my assignments! Best wishes for a quick recovery! Love the bowls :)

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