Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Dog Days of Summer

Summer is here! 
I am not one to enjoy the Georgia heat, but I am coping fairly well, thus far.
Here is our Daisy laying in the hall doing what she does best - sleeping. 
Someone must have been out when I snapped this picture, since she is waiting by the front door!

I also took this picture and made a meme because she looked so funny...

Lots of eye rolls from the kids with this one. 

I've been super-busy and have pretty much resorted to posting on Instagram and my Facebook page, lately. I'm not much of a writer, anyway. Instagram sort of suits me, in that respect.

I hope you are all having a nice summer. We took our vacation early (end of May). It was a great week - we went to Sanibel Island (where my husband grew up) and then over to Miami for a couple of days. It was a much needed 10 days of vacation and I am thankful we had the opportunity. Here is a picture we took in Miami. 

Those of you with grown kids know how it feels to be "missing" one. Our eldest is in the working world and I should have photo-shopped her into this picture! It's just not the same.

We came home to blooming hydrangeas....

Which was a nice treat!  In between my job and vacay, I've managed to paint a little bit. 

Notecards are still available....

I am running behind on special orders. If I owe you one, please do not hesitate to contact me and nag me. 
I need the nudging.

Here are a couple of custom orders I just finished....

6"x6" Little White Church series

24"x18" Jeremiah

The bottom one is for someone going through a tough and uncertain time.  God's word helps, doesn't it?

I hope you are having a wonderful summer!  

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Regina said...

Beautiful hydrangeas, I wish I could grow them but they won't grow in the southwest. Love your art!

Jamie Miles said...

I love the photo! And the Country Road painting. 20 x 20? I'm going to have to see how large that is. And that's a great pic of Daisy. (I almost wrote Maggie. Poor dog, I always hesitate wanting to call her Maggie.

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