Saturday, March 26, 2016

Trust in the Lord

I painted these churches the morning we awoke to the news of the bombings in Brussels. 

During Holy Week. 

I fully believe that the only way to end terrorism is to get inside the terrorists' hearts with the Good News of Jesus Christ. I know that I need to be more diligent in praying for the members of ISIS - that they will hear that Jesus loves them and embrace a Christian lifestyle. But, it just isn't easy to spend time in prayer for such hateful .....barbarians. 

I am sad for all victims of terrorism, but I also ache for the individuals who obviously grew up surrounded with so much hatred and evil. Such evil and lack of love, that a life of killing was their path. What pitiful and sad communities and families they were born into. Sometimes I forget to count my blessings - including those blessings of where, and when, and to whom I was born. 

May we all be grateful this Easter week. 
And may we find time to pray for those who need to hear about Jesus.

"He is not here, He is risen!"   Luke 24:6 

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