Saturday, March 12, 2016

A History Lesson in Virginia

This little lamb was a special order from a local who has a spot on her wall where she changes out a piece of my art, each season! Such a good idea. That way, the kids memorize one verse and then the next season, they are on to a new one! 

Here is another piece of scripture art I created. I probably should have taken the time to crop this photo..... 

That sweet little church was purchased by another local friend, last week.

Now, onto the promised history lesson. 
Sometimes my work takes me to interesting places. 

This past week I was in Richmond and Portsmouth, Virginia, so I stopped in Williamsburg. The weather was perfect and I got in a quick walk before dark. 
This is the Governor's Palace.... 

And these old boxwoods are amazing...

The next morning was Portsmouth, Virginia. If you follow me on instagram, you saw me post this picture of a cute cottage in Portsmouth...

So precious. 
The roof is slate and the house is about 50 yards from the harbor. 
I found the listing for it here
This photo is from the listing....

Sigh. Ready to be loved, again.

Here is another Portsmouth beauty....

This is the Watts House, built in 1799. 

I did not get to spend as much time in the area as I would have preferred (like I would if I were on vacation instead of working!). However, I happened upon St. John's Church in Richmond while I was exploring the old section on my way to the airport. 

This is the church where Patrick Henry gave his famous "Give me liberty, or give me death" speech at the 2nd Virginia Convention in 1775. Both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were present to hear that speech. 

The church was constructed in 1741. Look at the old shutters and stained glass. So well preserved. 

Well, hope you enjoyed my i-phone pics! One day, I will pull out the nice camera my sweet husband gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago.  
Before that camera is a relic.

"Patrick Henry would go on to serve as both a delegate to the Second Continental Congress and as Virginia’s governor. He played a crucial role in securing men and arms for George Washington’s Continental Army, but many would credit his silver tongue as having been his most indispensable contribution to American independence. “It is not now easy to say what we should have done without Patrick Henry,” Thomas Jefferson later wrote. “He was before us all in maintaining the spirit of the Revolution.”" Exerpt from "Patrick Henry’s “Liberty or Death” Speech, 240 Years Ago," Author  Evan Andrews March, 2015.

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Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Taking a U.S. History Course this semester (second half, so after Patrick Henry)...but never-the less, I found this fun to read! Also, I just downloaded to my Kindle, the entire speech to read (it's quite lengthy, most people don't realize)!
Now, I want to go and read it.
I haven't written a blog post about winning (on Instagram) your cute little chick painting... Yikes! Maybe I'll get it in this week?
I hope!
Have a great week... love seeing all your trip pics and paintings... ALWAYS your paintings. (sigh... to be a painter)
Did I tell you I'm taking Art Appreciation too?... I LOVE that class! (except that it's online) I'm supposed to visit two Art Museums and write a paper to turn in for extra credit. I can't wait to do that part... :)

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