Thursday, December 3, 2015

My Front Door this Christmas

Here is my front door, this year. 

Nothing fancy, but I like it. 

Similar to years past (click here to see some of those).

I decided to make a magnolia wreath, this year. Primarily because I have a magnolia tree in my yard. Plus, I love the stuff.

I recently bought this green ribbon, but may be pulling the black and white ribbon out that I used last year. I prefer the black and white ribbon, but it is packed away in the attic in the Christmas boxes. (Surely you didn't think I was completely decorated, did you? It's only December 3rd! I just put my pumpkins at the curb last night!)

I also have two of my four window wreaths up. I love the $6.95 Trader Joe's pine garland. Just the ticket for fresh, quick, and inexpensive Christmas decorating.

I hope your Christmas season will be merry and bright!!!

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