Friday, October 2, 2015

Art and October

Its been a great week. I am thankful that October is here. Now, how do we get it to stick around longer than normal?  The hot, humid summer months last f-o-r-e-v-e-r and fall always flies by. 

I like this kitchen, but automatically wonder if the tile would make my knees hurt. Am I getting old? 

I have the same tile in my bathroom and I've never noticed a problem with my knees. Upon second glance, I then think about how much labrador retriever hair would accumulate under those pretty rods at the base of that table. yikes. My sister told me that the Dollar Tree has non-swiffer-brand wipes in packages of 20 for $1. I also found them 2 for $1 in the dollar item clearance section at Rite Aid. But, I don't have that pretty french table to swiffer under, so I just plan to leave the dog hair where it is, for now. (I use the name "swiffer" as a verb.)

I've gotten a lot of painting done these past couple of weeks. 

Some of these are in my Etsy store and some are in Plain Jane Designs in Athens, Georgia. A few others are at Pure Bliss and at Madison Drug Store -both are located in Madison, Georgia. 

I painted a cotton field I found on Pinterest - and Sciways shared it here

Have a great weekend!

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