Friday, May 15, 2015

Wedding and Graduation Season

It has been a beautiful spring and a pretty time to marry. 
I thought I would share some of the paintings I created for a bride. She used these as bridesmaids' gifts.....

I love the idea of original art for a bridesmaid's gift! So unique! I always enjoy painting bridesmaid gifts. This current group of 20-somethings is a creative bunch, that is for sure! 

The kitchen table is a bit on the messy side. If I time it correctly on busy days like this, we get to go out to eat. 
This is not where I paint, by the way, - this is merely the assembly line process once the paintings are dry and are ready for hangers on the back.

The kitchen table is perfect for hammering little hanger-thingys into the backs of the paintings.

Did I mention that I keep a constant supervisor....

Daisy, Assistant Extraordinaire

I've also painted a few graduation gifts these past few weeks....

Currently, I'm working on a bridal bouquet. A young bride sent me a photo of the flowers from her wedding day and asked for my artist interpretation. How clever! 
I am thinking I may search through my wedding album and see if there is a clear photo of my bouquet from 1992! 

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