Monday, December 8, 2014

An Art Filled Weekend

I spent my weekend creating art (which you surely noticed if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook!)

I had a few custom orders to complete. Here is a large one, 36"x36"....

I would like to keep that one for myself!

A second custom order was this one....

Here is the story behind that piece:  A thoughtful husband contacted me via Etsy email after reviewing his wife's Pinterest board. (My own husband would say "What's a pinterest board?") Anyway, this husband of some lucky gal who has a Pinterest board found this pin of a painting I sold a couple of years ago on his wife's Pinterest board....

He asked me to recreate the painting since the first one sold (long ago). Now, that's a thoughtful husband, don't you think? With no ill will toward my own hubby, let's just say, I am thankful for my daughters who tend to help MY husband out on the gift thing! Pinterest is not something he would ever try to navigate. ;) 

Customer order number 3:  I needed to finish up a few ornaments that were ordered by a neighbor...

However, I ended up taking lots of them to Madison Markets to sell, instead. This weekend was the Tour of Homes in our little town and I had telephone call telling me that my art was selling out up there, so I had to replinish!

My last creation of the weekend was just for fun, without the pressure of a special order...

I've created similiar ones, before. The magnolias and "Jesus Loves Me" combined is one of my favorites! That one is in my Etsy shop.

Have a great week!

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