Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dogs, Art, and Snow

I'm about to get worried that Winter may never end.

Another series of snow days for the kids - which is awesome - but certainly not "normal" for us in Georgia!

I love Winter.....

Especially when enjoyed from INSIDE my house.

And our new pup....
That's Daisy.  She has been such a joy.

And I love that our other pup, Nellie, is being very patient with our new Daisy...

She is pretty sure I am about to feed her in this pic, can you tell?

And, in other good news, I sold some art at the Spotlight on Art Market!

And have some left over that I just listed on Etsy.....

Hope you are having a great week!

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Things That Inspire said...

So glad the Trinity Artists Market was last week, not this week (or the week before!). Loved seeing your work at the show.

Hope you and your family and puppies are staying warm and safe!

- Holly

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