Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Punch of Green Inside

Is it chilly enough for you? 
Geeezzz - we are freezing, here in Georgia.
But, I am certainly not complaining. I'll take really, really cold over 100° and humid, any day.

My favorite color is green.  Green is warming, to me. It makes me think of plants and plants make me warm -probably because plants need sunshine. That must be why I consider green to be a 'warm' color, even though it really isn't considered 'warm' on the color wheel.

These images of using green inside a cupboard or piece of furniture have given me an idea or two. 

The Speckled Dog

not sure of source 

A little bit of green in a room certainly warms up a room and a piece of furniture.

Painting the inside of a piece is sort of like a present to yourself.  A little bit of cheer, each time you open it.


I might just have to leave that door open.
Or maybe give a tour and say "Did you see the inside of this piece?" in a braggy sort of way. (wink)

Now, if I can just find the time to paint a little something green inside!

Have a great day! (and stay warm.)

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ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

I love green's in every room of my home!! Beautiful photos!!

Katy said...

that emerald green really took hold of me this year too - I guess I am more susceptible to Pantone's color decrees than I realized ! :)

A Little Paint, A Little Spackle... said...

I've actually been in the process (1 month) of painting the interior of our barrister bookcase a nice apple green. I have two of the three boxes painted.

Nancy's Notes said...

A punch of green would be really nice! I loved all of the images with the green. That green and yellow and the green and white, gorgeous! Have fun when you do get to the painting!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I did this very thing with the built in cupboard/shelves in our bedroom...I guess in 2012.
I used the Ooops! Green that I had and I LOVE IT!
it's sort of an olive drab...but I like a lot.
I say- GO FOR IT! if you need my approval. ;) Pat

Lisa said...

I like the green. I know you can come up with a painting with some green inside. Your so talented.

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