Friday, November 15, 2013

Mid November


Not sure how November is slipping away so quickly! If December goes this fast, I may miss Christmas.

Trying to get in the holiday spirit.....


And hopefully slow November down just a bit!

I used to do this with candy corn instead of popcorn.....

I may try the real corn,  as it will keep all of the kids' fingerprint smudges off the glass (they ALWAYS eat every last piece of candy corn and I'm left with a candle in a fingerprint-covered glass!)

While trying not to skip Thanksgiving (which I love) - I just painted a Santa Face (12"x12") as a door prize for our local DAR meeting next week....

Hope it brings in some extra money for our chapter.

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Sherry at The Rusty Pearl said...

The pictures help me to feel the thanksgiving in the air. LOVED that pic of OL st. NICK at the end too. HUGS and here is to a fabulous Thanksgiving

Karen Fields said...

Great photos to inspire us for the holidays. I love the Santa!

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