Saturday, November 30, 2013

Goodbye November

It's been a pretty one, for sure.

We hosted the family Thanksgiving this past week.

My daughter, Caroline, and I drove the country roads to gather these last remnants of autumn....

We also posted on facebook that we needed free pumpkins and everyone who was decorating for Christmas said "come get mine." 

So we did! 41 pumpkins and gourds from facebook friends! (did I mention they were free?)

And here was our Thanksgiving decor....

I planted some cabbage in milk glass...

Added pretty branches of autumn leaves to containers....

Over 40 family members joined us.  

It was a chilly Thanksgiving, but it was wonderful.

Now we have the Georgia Tech jersey on the dog and are ready to watch some football....

Oh, and here is my daughter in an interview on the Atlanta news last week (she is in red)...

Just a little mom-bragging.  I can't help myself.

Now, we begin the mad dash toward December 25th. Hang onto your hat!

Have a great weekend!

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