Thursday, June 27, 2013

Techno Help

Technology is cool, but can sometimes be tedious and confusing.  To get to my point, if you currently read my blog via GoogleReader, you will need to switch, THIS WEEK, before Google completely eradicates GoogleReader. 

In other words, the cute little faces on my Google Friends widget will soon disappear from my sidebar... 

How sad.
I just read a great "how to" over at Centsational Girl and am trying both Bloglovin and Flipbook (on my iphone) to see which I prefer. 

Here are my other social media outlets, if you are interested ...


Have a great day!

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1 comment:

Lisa said...

Im on bloglovin and have the app for my phone too. Love it. But, what is flip book? Let me know which is best when you decide.

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