Thursday, June 6, 2013

Moutains and Cows

This little painting just keeps getting the 'Hearts' on my Etsy site.  I cannot figure out how
people see it - but it is quite the popular painting. 18 likes and a Treasury since I listed it last week.  Am guessing it is privately viral - yet my stats don't show a Pinterest link or anything.  Hmmm. "Curious-er and curious-er". 

I personally thought this one that I painted at the same time would be a bigger hit.....

You just never know.  

Speaking of Pinterest, I hit 1400 followers, yesterday!  Woo-hoo! Now, what does that mean, exactly?  Not sure. Here is my Pinterest page, if you want to be follower number 1401. 

We escaped to the north Georgia mountains for one night this week...

and then counted cows in my father-in-law's pasture.  He is out of town and we had to make sure they were all in the fence and there were no new babies that needed attention.  It was uneventful (thankfully!).  

The black cow to the left looks like he is saying "What mud? Who? Me? No, I haven't been near the pond, why do you ask?"

This mother did not want me near her little ones, can you tell?....

Youch. Don't worry 37, I am backing away and will be in the truck in a split second.

All Mamas are the same when it comes to strangers and their children.

Have a great day!

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bee'nme said...

I do believe I am your Pinterest follower #1401!! Love your art Trish - it's so fresh and inviting! Happy painting!!

Kelly TalkoftheHouse said...

Love that photo of the north Georgia mountains! I could use a trip there now myself. Your artwork looks so cheerful. And your comment about, "What mud?" cracked me up! Too funny!

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