Friday, May 17, 2013

Rock Castle

This past week I was in Hendersonville, Tennessee.  I saw the signs to Historic Rock Castle and drove over to investigate.  (I am rarely disappointed when I follow 'historic' signs.)

This beautiful Federal/Georgian Style home was built between 1784 and 1791 by General Daniel Smith.  Daniel Smith was instrumental in Tennessee history, negotiating agreements with the Indians and serving as a US Senator.  He is also credited with naming the state.  The home and grounds are now a Tennessee State-Owned Historic Site

The waters of Old Hickory Lake are visible in this next photo, behind the home.  ("Old Hickory" (Andrew Jackson) was a friend of the family and lived nearby).  The lake was created in 1954. 

Gorgeous setting and a beautiful May day. The house is made of limestone, which is more visible in this photo....

I did not take the tour because I arrived at 1:30 and had to get to a meeting by 2:00.  

Miranda Lambert filmed a video here, a while back .....

Here is an interesting article about the house, for my fellow history buffs.

And here are some other historic homes I captured, recently. 
Along the Bayou Teche in Louisiana
Clarksville, Tennessee

Have a great weekend!

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