Monday, May 20, 2013

Quiche on the Brain

Sometimes I just crave quiche.  This weekend was one of those times - so I bought my ingredients and finally got around to making the quiche this morning.  One thing I really like about baking a quiche is that it tastes great re-heated.  I am not a big left-over fan, but quiche never tastes like a leftover.

I tried to teach my 20 year old daughter how to cook when she was home last week. She somehow "missed" any instructions I gave her while she lived under my roof... while eating my cooking......and setting our table.  Not exactly sure how she avoided the cooking instruction, but she missed a lot.  A whole lot.  We tried baking chicken last week.  She half-listened and is over-confident.  I am awaiting the upcoming salmonella call from the hospital in Atlanta.  It won't be long. 

All that to say, I know quiche is a very basic and easy dish to make, but have realized lately that what is 'easy' to some, may not be so common-place to others.  So, here is how I make my quiche....

Spinach Quiche
One refrigerated pie crust -ready to roll out (from the fridge section of the grocery store)
Bacon 3-4 strips
Fresh Spinach
1/2 cup chopped Onion
1/2 cup chopped bell pepper
1 to 1-1/2 cups milk
6 or 7 eggs
1 cup of shredded cheeses
1 tsp salt
cracked pepper
Cherry Tomatoes

Fry 3 or 4 or 5 strips of bacon in a pan, reserving grease to saute onions and peppers. (How could this not be good with bacon as the first ingredient?) Be sure and place the peppers and onions on a paper towel to soak up the extra grease.  Chop up the bacon into small bits. While frying the bacon, unroll the pie crust and place in a greased (with Pam) pie plate. Fill up the pie shell with fresh spinach - I typically use a couple of handfulls (maybe two cups?).  The spinach literally fills up the entire pie shell. (In my mind, the vitamins found in lots of spinach negate the unhealthiness of the bacon).  Pour the bacon, onion, and peppers evenly over the spinach.  In a separate bowl whisk the eggs, milk, cheeses, salt and pepper together. (With the cheeses- I like a mixture of mozzarella and extra-sharp cheddar, with a little feta thrown in.  Sometimes we have a bag of shredded pizza cheeses in the refrigerator, and I will add some of that. Just use what you have.  As you can see by the photo, above, we had mostly cheddar in our fridge this morning.)  Pour the egg/milk/cheese mixture over the spinach.  If the egg/milk/cheese mixture does not cover the spinach, I usually add more milk right on top.  You want the liquid to pretty much cover the dry ingredients.  I place the quiche in a 350 degree over for 30 minutes, then add chopped up cherry tomatoes on the top and bake for 15 to 20 minutes longer.  Use a knife inserted in the middle to determine if the quiche is baked through (the knife comes out clean when you stick it in the thickest portion of the quiche).

You can also throw in mushrooms or asparagus.  It is all delicious. Our nearby Aldi tends to sell colored peppers at a great price - three for a $1.  

Have a great day!

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