Monday, April 1, 2013


I love Miss Mustard Seed's new kitchen.  I don't have the funds for the new countertops, tile, etc, right now, but I could possibly find the cash for the two topiaries on either side of the sink.

I've tried plants by my sink, before.  But they die. Not enough sunlight, I think. Or maybe not enough water. Or maybe pure neglect killed them.

But fake topiaries might be my ticket.  Surely I can keep a fake plant alive.  Miss Mustard Seed's post says she will teach how to make the topiaries, soon.  There are also great Kitchen before and after photos on her blog, here.

I hope you had a nice Easter weekend.  I am pooped.

My kids participate in a cotillion type of thing.  Here are two photos - one from this weekend and one from 6 years ago.  

I cannot believe how much they have grown.  It makes me sad.

And here are some Easter photos from Sunday ...........

It was nice to have our eldest home - I haven't seen her since January.  She flew back to DC this morning.  (More mommy tears.)

The kids had fun with Instagram.

Can you tell?

Have a great day!

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Isabel said...

LOVE her countertops and the topiaries all of I dislike my kitchen:( Your kiddos are beautiful:O) They do grow too fast. Happy Week:O)

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