Friday, April 5, 2013

New Art

I keep a Pinterest Board entitled Inspiration for My Art.  For when I need inspiration, obviously.  

This week I needed to create a painting for a charity fundraiser.  

Here is the  inspirational pin I chose....

Aren't those colors great?
I love the mixture of colors.  So I decided to try the bright orange with the hot pink and cobalt blue.

Here are my two creations...

Because all of the really famous artists place their art on a chair in a dark hall at night to take terrific photographs of their creations with an iphone camera.

It's just what they do.

A Night of the Arts fundraiser is planned for April 12th at Terrapin Beer Company in Athens, Georgia - if you happen to live in the area!  A Night of the Arts will raise funds for Camp Twin Lakes.

Camp Twin Lakes is a network of camps in Georgia where kids with various special needs can go and enjoy nature and a camp experience. The "needs" vary by camp - some weeks the camp is for kids with AIDS, some weeks are for kids with brain injuries, other weeks are for kids with cancer, etc.  One of the camps is located in our county in Georgia and our family has helped at the camp. I am always impressed with the staff and facilities.  Which reminds me - I need to volunteer, again, sometime this summer. (Where do the years go?) 

Enjoy your day!

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LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

Oh Trish, I love this color combination in your painting. Beautiful! Cobalt blue is one of my very favorite colors, along with a fuchsia pink, so this painting really stood out to me.
It's awesome that you are helping with this cause and giving one of your paintings away.

♥Lee Ann

Lisa said...

That room needs this painting!!!! you need to somehow connect!!! your paintings.

Isabel said...

Love the colors!!!! What a great cause:O)

Katy said...

love it - and YES, awesome artists DO take pictures with their phone in the dark!! :) we can't spend time on photography when we're creating other things ha ha

Sheila Earhart said...

Love the colors! Love the scripture. Thanks, I needed both today. :)

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