Thursday, April 4, 2013


I ran into IKEA while I was in Atlanta, yesterday - never a quick option.  I started out taking photos of a few of the things I liked or needed, and then got carried away touching and looking and forgot to photograph.

Here is a bar stool I thought looked functional and cute for $34.99 .......

I also thought this would be a great chair - especially for the beach house or cabin I don't yet own....

And, no joke, I forgot to take any more photos after those first two - both of which were taken the first minute I was in the store.

Pitiful blogger. Pitiful.

Here are some things I remember - 

I kept seeing this cute utility cart, which I am certain I need, but am not sure why....

Maybe it was the $29.99 price tag that made me think I needed it.  Can't pass up a good deal, whether I need it or not.  But I did pass that one up.

And here is the ALVINE RUTA rug.....

I have been trying to justify buying this rug, since I first saw it when Janell used it in this room.  Too cute.

I also need this office chair - not because I have to sit on the floor to use my desk, or anything - but because it is cuter than my current one.

Here it is, again, looking cute beside a desk....

All of that, and here is what I came home with....

A puny little fake plant.

That $4.99 plant was made for that silver ice bucket, don't you think?

Have a great day!

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