Tuesday, February 19, 2013

More Stencils for Walls

After I posted about the trellis walls, yesterday - I kept looking for an easy way to trellis or stencil a wall and ran across a few more great ideas.

Like, if I had a small child.....

What a great wall for a kid's room.  That stencil is available on Etsy here.

Here is another Etsy stencil...





ALL of those stencils are available on Etsy, by the way.

I am still working on my daughter's room in my head.  She is weighing in with her ideas, as well.
Here is where we are so far - with one wall in navy trellis...

She has lots of pink and turquoise in her room, as it is - so we are trying to hang onto a few items to save a little moolah.   Hopefully.  Because we will NOT be buying any furniture.  Just painting what we have.  And maybe adding a touch of new fabric here and there.

We will keep you updated.

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Isabel said...

awesome stencils, I find I can never get the paint right without it bleeding through:o)

hong kong property said...

pretty designs=)

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