Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Craft Room

My craft room is one big yucky mess.  
There is paint on the wooden floor.
The door to the laundry area is broken.
I have been "stashing" items in there for a few months, now - just to keep the rest of the house presentable.  Anyone want to come purge it for me?

I have been slow about getting that room like I want it.  

Here are some craft rooms I like....

Those sweet colors are pretty much the opposite of this next craft room, which I ALSO like.....

Maybe I should just use chalk on ONE wall.  

I will probably use the same paint I used in my kitchen, since I still have a gallon of it leftover, and I like it, and it is a neutral gray (valspar bay sands)

I also want a comfy chair.....

and a fun rug (that doesn't 'fight' with the comfy chair, of course)....


And then I look around at rugs, and fabric, and chairs on the internet for a bit....

I am not really getting anything done.  Think I will grab a garbage bag and a 'give-away-box' and get moving! 

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Katy said...

I could waste 90% of my time this way, and often do. It helps me escape from reality. :)
Although rug shopping tends to make me frustrated, so I stick with chairs and paint. ha

Lynn @ UpCountry Olio said...

That is some pretty great inspiration you have rounded up there! I'm getting ready to finish my own craft room so this post is just in time!


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